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Download Intel Ethernet Server Adapter I350-t2 Family Driver

Ethernet Driver For Intel Server adapter i350

Download Intel Server Ethernet Adapter i350-T2 Family Driver, for Windows XP, Vista and Server Windows. In this Model Intel Manufacturer Two type Ethernet Card. One is two rj-45 Port card, and Second is 4 rj-45 port Card. In this Post I will share With you I350-T2 Card Driver and Review In the Future Also Share More Cards Driver. Now Read Some Important Specs About this Interface.

Intel Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T2 Specification

  • Product Code I350T2 I350T2BLK.
  • Ethernet Controller Intel I350-T2
  • Connector RJ-45 copper
  • Cable Type Category-5, up to 100 m
  • Slot type, maximum bus speed, and slot width PCI Express* 2.0 5 GT/s lane x 4 lane
  • Ports Duol port
  • Supported slot height/s Low profile and full height

Intel Ethernet Server Adapter I350-T2 Driver Installation

Download Intel Server Adapter i350-T2 Driver for Win XP, Vista 32-bit or 64-bit. In this Lan card to Much other controller functions. Like (iSCSI), (EEE) and (DMAC). This Function better-controlling networking area. Intel Manufacture 2 types Cards in this model 2 port Ethernet Card and 4 port Ethernet. This Card Mostly Use in Server Machines. Because Server Control Hi-Speed Network and Manage Many types of Networking Policies. in this card use Rj-45 Copper Connector. (iSUSI) = Internet small computer system interface, (EEE) = Energy-Efficient Ethernet, and (DMAC) = Direct memory access coalescing. PCI Express* 2.0 5 GT/s lane x 4 lane.

Intel I350-T2 Ethernet controller Driver Details

Server Adapter I350-T2
File Size
18.27 MB
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Download For Xp 32- bit
Intel Server Adapter i350-t2
Download For XP 64-bit
server card
Download For Vista 32-bit
server card 1
Download For Vista 64-bit
server card Vista